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Latest News

Keep up to date with all the latest news happening in school at the moment.

  • Rocketman comes to Church Vale

    Thu 22 Feb 2024

    Church Vale Primary had a Rocket launch day. The children all made and tested their rockets and then launched them to see how far they would fly. Although it was a rainy day it didn’t stop the children having a great time. At the end the parents came to see the rockets fly and the launch of the dynamite rocket. ‘This has still not come back down to earth’ the children said. Everyone had a great day, it was very exciting and the children at Church Vale are budding engineers of the future.  

  • Chocolate warning

    Wed 29 Nov 2023

    We have been informed that the police are currently investigating reports of people falling ill after consuming chocolate wrapped in gold packaging over the weekend. There have been some allegations that this chocolate is laced with drugs, tests are in the process of being carried out but at present there is no evidence to support claims that the chocolate bars contained any illicit drugs. The chocolate bars were reportedly sold in orange ‘Cali-Gold’ boxes and golden wrappers on Saturday (25 November) in Mansfield Market.  


    Anyone who bought any of this chocolate is asked to contact Nottinghamshire Police immediately on 101, quoting incident 180 of 26 November 2023. If you have already eaten this chocolate and developed symptoms, please call NHS 111 or contact your GP. The small number of people who became unwell have fully recovered. Investigations are ongoing about what may have caused the illness. If you have purchased ‘Cali-Gold’ chocolate from Mansfield Market, you should not consume the product or give it to anyone else and should hand it to the police.

  • Coronation Picnic

    Thu 04 May 2023


                                                                                                                 Dear Parent/Carer,


    Just a reminder that our Coronation picnic is happening at 1.30pm on Friday the 5th of May. We have cakes, BBQ, sweets, drinks, ice cream van, ice pops and our world-famous chocolate tombola happening too. Please bring coins, not notes if possible.

    If you would like to join, please do, bring a blanket or a chair and make a camp on our field. The children can share your picnic and play. Please feel free to leave when you have had enough but please only take your own children. Collect your child from their class teacher from the field - they should be there when you arrive.

    If you cannot make it your child will still take part but will be with their class teacher. They can bring money and some snacks. We do understand that not everyone can make it.

    The children will be bringing home with them a commemorative coin to mark the historic occasion. Please make sure they do not lose them or break them as we have only bought one per child.

    Children can wear red, white, and blue if they like for the picnic.

    In the event of rain, the picnic will most likely be cancelled and rearranged. We will keep our fingers crossed. Look out for texts - if a decision is to be made, we will cancel at the latest by 10.00am Friday morning. 








  • Sunsafe Letter

    Thu 14 Jul 2022

    Dear parents/carers,

                                                      Your children have coped well with the hot weather so far but as temperatures set to hit 34 degrees next week, I wanted to send some guidance out for you and to let you know what we are doing.


    To try and keep your children safe at school we will only be letting them outside to sit in the shade and to do quiet play/book reading. Water is freely available in school but please send your child with any water bottle- it doesn’t have to be a school one. At the hottest part of the day, we will keep the children in the shade or, if necessary, inside. They will not be playing football etc.


    To help your child, could they wear light, loose fitting clothes-they don’t have to wear uniform. Nothing with shoulders exposed or shorts that are inappropriate for school. They need to wear a hat and have their water bottle with them. Please send sunscreen too, labelled with their name and know how to apply it. Make sure any child that needs an inhaler has theirs with them and it is in date.


    We shall be watching the children carefully for signs of heatstroke, these are the things to watch out for:  

    • a headache
    • dizziness and confusion
    • loss of appetite and feeling sick
    • excessive sweating and pale, clammy skin
    • cramps in the arms, legs and stomach
    • fast breathing or pulse
    • a high temperature of 38C or above
    • being very thirsty
    • floppy and sleepy children

    If your child is showing any of these symptoms at school, we will be sending them home straight away so that you can monitor them and seek medical advice if necessary.

    Any further concerns or anything you wish to discuss please contact the school office.

    Thank you,

    Mrs Yardley

  • Disabilty sports week and Jubilee arrangements

    Tue 10 May 2022

    Dear Parents/Carer,


                                          Next week, week beginning 16th May is disability in sports awareness week. They will be learning all about all the different sports you can play if you are wheelchair bound. The children will all participate in basic skills on the Monday and then Key Stage 2 will learn the skills and tactics needed in individual sport, like basketball and archery.


    All children will be participating.

    Monday 16th May, all children to come in PE kit.

    Tuesday 17th May – Friday 20th May  year 3,4,5,and 6 to wear PE kit each day please.  

    Just a reminder PE kit is white tops and black bottoms with their red jumper or cardigan for warmth. As the week goes on can you think about what your child wears. We would hope that it would be as close to this as possible.


    Jubilee celebrations.


    Friday 10th June we are holding our jubilee day with a number of events.


    Picnic. All parents and carers are welcome to come at 2.00pm to a picnic on the field (or in classrooms if it is wet) bring a blanket and some food and you are welcome to stay and have fun.


    During the day we will be planting some apple trees in honour of The Queen.


    The children will also be presented with a jubilee coin each.


    We want to children to come dressed in red, white and blue on that day and there will also be a competition for the best jubilee hat. The children will parade with them at the picnic.

  • Letter following positive Omicron

    Mon 13 Dec 2021

    Dear parents/carers,



    We have been in contact with Public Health England today and they have advised us to inform you of the following precautions they would like you to take.


    Daily lateral flow testing for everyone in the household for siblings and children who attend the foundation stage before they go out. The lateral flow website is currently down and should be back online about 8pm. Alternatively you can download a code and then collect 2 boxes from the pharmacy or other places, see the link. 


    If you have no tests or are not able to test your child, they must self-isolate until Sunday. We will not be accepting any siblings who have not had an LFT (sometimes called a rapid covid test) Miss Law will collect the tests on arrival in the mornings and Mrs Yardley/Mr Trenowden will be accepting the tests of the siblings at the office from Tuesday 14th December.


    They have advised us that ANY child with symptoms get a PCR test and do not return to school until the results are back. They have also advised us that siblings are tested too, as they are a contact of a symptomatic child. Omicron symptoms seem to include a snotty nose in children as well as temperature, sore throat, headache and loss of taste and smell.


    If your child was absent last week or did not attend on Thursday and Friday they will also need to LFT as they will start to mix with children from tomorrow.


    If your child attends part time the foundation unit remains closed to these children.


    If you have any other questions or worries, please message us, ring or email us and we will try our very best to help you.


    Mrs Yardley

  • Key Stage 1 Forest School Letter

    Mon 13 Dec 2021

    We are very excited to be starting weekly 'Forest School' sessions for our Key Stage 1 children next half term. 'Forest School' is a great way to help our children learn practical skills as well as develop confidence, resilience and communication. 


    Year 1 children will visit our 'Forest School' area every Tuesday afternoon. Year 2 children will visit every Wednesday afternoon. The first session for Year 1 will be on Tuesday 11th January. The first session for Year 2 will be on Wednesday 5th January.  We go outside for every session unless there are thunderstorms or high winds forecast. 


    Children will need ... 

    • A warm, waterproof coat
    • Old trainers/wellies/walking boots
    • A hat and gloves
    • Old, comfy clothing (that you don't mind getting muddy!)


    Please come to see us if you have any questions. 

  • Letter to Foundation parents 11/12/21

    Sat 11 Dec 2021


    Dear parents/carers,


                                  We have just found out that we have our first case of the Omicron variant of the COVID 19 virus. It is unfortunately in the foundation stage. Because of how the unit operates and that the children and staff all mix we are advising you that your child must self-isolate for 10 days, their last day of isolation is the Sunday 19th of December.


    Work will be provided via seesaw and your teacher/TA will be in touch on Monday to make sure you can access the work and that you are all ok.


    If you are free school meals, we will be providing vouchers for your child, but they may not arrive until after the holidays, if you would prefer a packed lunch then please let us know and we can arrange it.


    If you have siblings in the other parts of school, you may have problems getting them to school if your little one cannot leave. We can authorise this absence this week but due to many different things happening around school this week work for them will probably be a little sparse.


    If your child has been absent since Thursday 9th December, they will not have been in contact and therefore will not need to isolate but the unit will still be closed to them as we have no staff (they are all isolating too).


    If the guidance changes during the self-isolation period, as the government has said that it may change to daily testing before Christmas, we will let you know.


    Please get in touch if you need anything at all, we are there to support you. Message us via Facebook messenger, email over the weekend or ring us on Monday.


    Thank you for your support,

    Mrs Yardley.

  • British Fatwa Council Letter Regarding Porcine Element of Nasal Flu Vaccination

    Fri 03 Dec 2021

    Date: 07/09/2021


    Fatwa on Flu vaccine containing Porcine gelatine



    In certain areas of Midlands, we are experiencing issues with Muslim communities refusing to have their children vaccinated with the influenza nasal spray due to it containing porcine as a stabiliser. This vaccine is used for children to protect them and the vulnerable elderly at serious risk of catching flu. It saves lot of pain and sicknesses in the community affecting thousands of people.


    The children’s flu vaccination programme is extremely important since it not only protects the child itself but also protects vulnerable family members and the wider community. This then has huge benefits on the local health system, 94% lower flu like illnesses in primary age children and 74% less visits to A &E. So, in the bigger interest of the society's health can this vaccine be given to children? What do the scholars say about the permissibility of in flu vaccine that contains pork gelatine, is this allowed?


    From, A concerned Muslim Nurse


    Answer: Fatwa on Flu vaccine containing Porcine gelatine


    I begin with the name of Allah, the Kind the Caring


    The flu vaccine that contains porcine gelatine is a simple nasal spray that is particularly useful and easy to administer to children. This year the flu nasal spray will be offered to all school age children and 2- and 3-year olds. It is also administered to children who are susceptible to flu and have other problems like asthma which is exacerbated by the flu. It has been shown to reduce A &E admissions and other complications considerably. The flu nasal spray is the most effective way of protecting your child from flu but this year the NHS are offering children the non-porcine, injectable vaccination, as an alternative to the nasal spray. It is important that you accept one of the vaccines to protect your child and your family.


    Firstly, it’s important to understand the nature of the porcine gelatine. This is a pure product and is exactly same as the cow gelatine, goat or any other animals’ gelatine. It has same protein structure, same properties and same colour, texture and taste. You would not be able to distinguish the porcine gelatine from the others. Considering this fact, it is argued that it doesn’t matter what its origin is. A similar fatwa was issued by Mufti Ali Jumma the Grand Mufti of Egypt about Pig products including insulin.


    Secondly, this is for a medical purpose, it’s not consumption or eating. The nasal vaccine is important preventative measure that has been shown empirically to reduce lot of suffering in vulnerable children. This then falls under the well-known category of ‘darurah’ necessity, required and needed. The Quran teaches: “He has made unlawful for you the carcass, the blood, pork and animals over which any name other than Allah’s has been invoked. However, if one is dying of hunger then a small amount can be eaten in order to survive, Allah is Forgiver and Kind.” (Al Baqara:173) From this jurist have reasoned that when something that is forbidden is necessary for survival then it becomes permissible. So, if porcine gelatine was forbidden in this situation, it becomes permissible. The other rule from this is: "What is permissible for a particular need can be used according to the amount required.”


    Thirdly, my fatwa is based on this powerful principle Istihala found in books of Fiqh: “Istihala means the change of a substance as a result of its purification and the removal of all the impurities around it. Scholars are agreed that when alcohol changes into vinegar it is considered pure. The majority of Hanafi, Maliki scholars and Imam Ahmed said that istihala renders impure substance pure. As mentioned above, there is no scholarly contention on the purity of an alcohol that has turned into vinegar. Another example the scholars give is the blood of deer, when it is converted into musk it becomes an expensive fragrance. (p1738 Encyclopaedia of Fatwa published by Dar la Ifta Al-Misriyya)


    Considering this evidence, we conclude the nasal flu vaccine containing porcine gelatine is permissible for use.


    On behalf of the British Fatwa Council


    Mufti Dr Hafiz M Munir Al-Azhari

    Mufti Yar Muhammed Khan Qadri

    Dr Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari

  • Flu Vaccinations Thursday 9th December 2021

    Tue 30 Nov 2021

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