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Year 5

Here are some books which are recommended for Year 5 and 6 children. The document includes a brief summary of the book, children's reviews, some words from the author and an extract from the text itself!

Welcome to our Year 5 class page at Church Vale. It’s a busy and challenging year but also one of fun and achievement. Key information is included below.


We have PE on Monday with our fantastic sports coach, Mr Richards. Our sport for this term will be hockey. We are also fortunate enough to have Yoga on Wednesdays. Children will not require PE kit on this day as it can be done whilst wearing normal school uniform. Mrs Goncalves will be teaching yoga this term. Children cannot take part in PE lessons if they are wearing jewellery (including earrings and watches).



Children in Year 5 & 6 begin to take more responsibility for their everyday reading, but at this age group, it is still crucial that children have an adult to read to and also an adult who can read to them. Many children at this age may be able to decode and recognise words instantly but when you listen to your children read, please ask them questions about the book they are reading - the understanding of the text is what children will eventually be tested on. Talking about books and showing enthusiasm towards reading is an invaluable tool and this is the best way to help our children become excited about new and challenging books. We expect our children to read at least 3 times per week. When they reach certain milestones they will receive rewards which they very much look forward to!Please bring your reading folders to school everyday.



Each week, your child will have spellings and times tables to learn. In school, we tend to use a fun and engaging website/app called SpellingShed to practise our spellings. Children can also access this at home. We will have spelling and times tables tests on Friday mornings so please support your child to learn these. The most effective approaches usually involve learning a few spellings at the start of the week, practising these and adding more words until they are confident in all of them. They will also have times tables to practise as well as optional creative tasks. An optional homework menu can be found below. This should be submitted over Seesaw and children will receive house points for completing each task. We also expect children to complete their times tables each week. This can be done orally, written on paper, or on Times Tables Rockstars. Once children reach a milestone, they will be rewarded with a fun afternoon at the end of term.


Topic Subjects

In the Autumn Term, we will be studying Ancient Rome and the impact they had on Britain. From famous emperors, landmarks and artifacts to lions and gladiators in the colosseum, the Romans is certainly an interesting topic. We will also be reading a book called 'The Thieves of Ostia' by Caroline Lawrence - a detective novel set on the outskirts of Rome where both the reader and protagonist attempt to solve a heinous crime. 



We are determined Year 5 will be the greatest year so far of your child's education. If you have any queries, ideas or questions you can contact me via email (the link can be found on this page) or through our Facebook page.


Kind Regards,

Mr Toon & Mrs Harris


Do you have any questions, ideas or queries?

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me! Mr Toon

In case of pupils needing to self-isolate in light of government advice concerning Covid-19, or in the event of forced closure, check out these resources below:

FREE online education resources


Spelling Shed


Purple Mash


Times Tables Rockstar


Language Angels


BBC Learning
This site is old and no longer updated and yet there's so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV licence required except for content on BBC iPlayer.


Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (own account from age 14+ but younger learners can use a parent account).


Learn computer programming skills - fun and free.


Creative computer programming


Ted Ed
All sorts of engaging educational videos


National Geographic Kids
Activities and quizzes for younger kids.


Learn languages for free. Web or app.


Mystery Science
Free science lessons


The Kids Should See This
Wide range of cool educational videos


Crash Course
You Tube videos on many subjects


Crash Course Kids
As above for a younger audience


Crest Awards
Science awards you can complete from home.


iDEA Awards
Digital enterprise award scheme you can complete online.


Paw Print Badges
Free challenge packs and other downloads. Many activities can be completed indoors. Badges cost but are optional.


All kinds of making.


Prodigy Maths
Is in U.S. grades, but good for UK Primary age.


Cbeebies Radio
Listening activities for the younger ones.


Nature Detectives…/
A lot of these can be done in a garden, or if you can get to a remote forest location!


British Council
Resources for English language learning


Oxford Owl for Home
Lots of free resources for Primary age


Big History Project
Aimed at Secondary age. Multi disciplinary activities.


Geography Games
Geography gaming!


Blue Peter Badges
If you have a stamp and a nearby post box.


The Artful Parent
Good, free art activities


Red Ted Art
Easy arts and crafts for little ones


The Imagination Tree
Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest.


Toy Theater
Educational online games


DK Find Out…
Activities and quizzes


This is more for printouts, and usually at a fee, but they are offering a month of free access to parents in the event of school closures.

Contact Details and Useful Links