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Year 6

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Home Learning Tasks Wednesday 23rd September

Writing Tasks:

Replay the film ‘The Tale of the Three Brothers’ if necessary.
Visit the Poetry Shed and play the
narrative poems from the website: The Raven; The Jabberwocky.
Think about what you like and dislike about each of them in preparation for planning your own narrative poem,

Imagining that you are the character of death, you now need to write a narrative poem - telling the story of the 3 brothers through poem verses. Your challenge is to include the following success criteria:

  • Your poem has rhyming
  • It also includes:
    • alliteration
    • similes
    • metaphors
    • personification

Please bring your poems back in with you to class and we will read them out during English

  • ​​​​​​​

Home Learning Tasks Tuesday 22nd September

Writing Tasks:

First you need to familiarise yourself with 'narrative poems' (as this is going to be what you are going to produce!). If you watch this link it will help you to understand what they are:

Think about each of the 3 brothers: Antioch Peverell (with the Elder Wand), Cadmus Peverell (with the Resurrection Stone) and Ignotus Peverell (with the Cloak of Invisibility).

For each of these brothers you need to think of some amazing:

Adjectives (brother and magical object)

Similes (brother and magical object)

Metaphors (brother and magical object)

Personification (just the magical object)

Don't worry if you can't print this template out - just use the same headings and write them onto normal paper.

You will also have some SATs Companion activities to complete.

Home Learning Tasks Monday 21st September

Writing Tasks: The Tale of Three Brothers (from Harry Potter)

Task 1:

Watch this clip:

Think about the following questions:

What kind of story is this? Does the story remind you of any others that you are familiar with? What do you think Ron thinks of the story? Harry? Hermione? Why might this tale be told to young witches and wizards?

After watching the clip, your task is to imagine that you are the character of 'Death'. You then need to create a story map of The Tale of Three Brothers. Your additional challenge is to see how many creative adverbs you can include. Please bring this with you when you are next in school or you can email it to

You will also have some tasks set for you on SATs Companion.


Home Learning Tasks Friday 18th September

Messages have been sent through Marvellous ME laugh

Sats Companion ( tasks have been assigned on tenses, commas and place value - plus any other outstanding tasks that they have yet to complete. If your child can't remember or find their login details, please send a message through the message facility at the bottom of this page - or send school a message through FaceBook. Once children have completed these tasks, they also have their logins for spelling shed ( and TTRockstars.

Click here to access 'Oxford Reading Owl'

Username: churchvaley6

Password: Hogwarts

Welcome to Year 6 @ Church Vale Primary School.


In line with current guidelines, a few things will need to run a little differently for the time being until the world settles down a bit!


PE will be on a THURSDAY, children need to come to school already in their PE kit (plain dark shorts, plain dark jogging/tracksuit bottoms, a plain white top and black or grey jogging/tracksuit top. They also need to not be wearing earrings on this day please.


FRIDAY will be our book change day - can children please bring their book bag into school on this day only, with their reading book and reading diary. They will then have the opportunity to swap their book if they need to and we can record their daily reads into our big whole school reading mileage reward chart.


In the event of not being able to come into school, we have paid for access to SATS COMPANION.

This will enable us to set relevant tasks for you child, see how they're doing and set suitable follow-up tasks for them so that they can be learning relevant topics at the right levels for them. Your child has received a couple of copies of their login details, but if they've been mislaid, please contact us (at the bottom of this page) and we'll be happy to send the details again.


Regardless of how tricky the world is right now, we plan to have an amazing year together during their final and most magical year of primary school.


Our topic during the first term is 'Ancient Greece' where we'll be finding out about life in Ancient Greece and about how lots of things in our lives actually stem from rather clever ideas that the Ancient Greeks had!


Any questions, comments, please use the contact section at the bottom of the page or message us through school's facebook account. 

Working from home - below are a list of resources your child can access from home. This is in addition to online resources they already have logins for.

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