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Year 3

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General Notices

Welcome to Year 3!




The children will receive 1 or two pieces of homework each week. These will normally be a spelling practice and a math’s task. I understand that we all live busy lives and it may not be possible for the children to do both so I just ask that at least one of the tasks are done and handed in on a Friday. If the children have not completed one piece they will complete it at playtime on a Friday.

We will have a very informal spelling test on a Friday and these will be words we have been looking at in our spelling lessons.



This will be the same as in Year 2, the children are expected to read 3 times a week. This can include reads at breakfast club, homework club early bird reading (Wednesday) and at home.

I do not give the children a specific time to change their books in Year 3. It is up to them to tell me they need to change their books. They can change a book at any point, if your child is not enjoying their book they can change it before finishing. We want them to be enjoy reading. Feel free to read home books, comics, posters, annuals with them: it doesn’t always have to be their school book.



This half term we will be having PE on a Monday and Wednesday. Please be aware that this will most likely change next half term though. It's best if children have their kit in school from Monday to Friday. We sometimes have spontaneous PE sessions throughout the week.



This term the children will be learning about volcanoes in our topic lessons and they will be learning about rocks and soils in science. I will send an optional homework sheet home with activities the children may complete if they wish.


Tuck shop

The children have come home with a tuck shop price list. If you are happy for them to have tuck shop then please send them into school with a sealed purse, wallet or holder. This helps the children to keep their money secure and not lost. 


If you have any questions, feel free to come and see me or give school a ring. There is also an e-mail tab at the bottom of this page for you to get in touch.


Thank you,

Miss Nicholson

We have been looking at the Earth's core and we used eggs to help us understand.

We have been looking at the Earth's core and we used eggs to help us understand. 1

Optional Homework Tasks

Use a thesaurus to find some super synonyms.

Research and build a model of a volcano.

Create a poster for the 4 times table.

Perform a random act of kindness and present to the class about it.

Make a fancy sandwich for someone you live with and make a recipe for it.

Write someone a letter and send it to them in the post.

Read a good book lately? Write a book review. What was it about? Did you enjoy it? Was there anything you didn’t like? Was it funny? What age would you recommend this book for?

Go on a rock hunt and then sort them into different categories. Colour, size, texture etc…

Using any materials of your choice, create a 3D model of an animal of your choice.

Learn a poem off by heart and perform it to the class.

Draw your bedroom in lots of detail.

Interview a grown-up in your family – present what you’ve found out to the class.

Write out all your doubles to 10 and then test yourself. Explain to a friend what strategies you used to remember them.

Design a new pair of shoes for Miss Nicholson.

Create a diagram and description of your very own superhero.

Do the washing up after tea without being asked – get a parent or carer to write me a letter as proof!

Watch a family movie – write down the whole story in less than 50 words.

Visit a museum and write about what you found most interesting.

Create a fact-file of a celebrity that you admire.

Grow something at home and bring it in to show everyone.

Write your own book.

Any questions/ suggestions? Feel free to send me a message.