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Year 2

Hi Year 2 - I would love to know how you are doing.  If you have completed any work you are really proud of - please send it in via the office email or if you want to tell me how you are doing - let me know via the link at the bottom of the page. 

I might even feature some work on the class website!


Use this link to take you to some great books that are read to you!

Update 06.07.2020

I hope you have had a lovely week.  This week is superhero week!!  There is a superhero booklet that you can work through that has lots of different activities!  Maths is as normal but remember we are a week behind.

Any questions, please email me.

Mrs E X

Superstar Learners

Superstar Learners 1
Superstar Learners 2
Superstar Learners 3
Superstar Learners 4
Superstar Learners 5

Update 29.06.2020

Well after an exciting virtual sports week we are back to our normal set up.  As always, I am always here if you need me and all the resources for this week are below.  

I will be sending your coat peg label and a puzzle piece for you to complete out in the post - look out for it!  Miss you all and please keep sending me photos so I can see your lovely faces.

Mrs E x


Superstar Learners this Week

Superstar Learners this Week 1
Superstar Learners this Week 2
Superstar Learners this Week 3
Superstar Learners this Week 4
Superstar Learners this Week 5
Superstar Learners this Week 6
Superstar Learners this Week 7
Superstar Learners this Week 8
Superstar Learners this Week 9

Update 22.06.2020

Our sports day would have been this week so we are doing a virtual sports day week and all of your home learning will be based around this.  On our Facebook page, you will be able to see Mr Toon modelling how to do each activity and there will be a writing activity each day too. 

I would LOVE to see all of your faces so doing forget to send in your pictures or videos. 

On Friday, the activity is maths based so I have uploaded the activity below. 

Below you will also find the PowerPoint with all of the activities on.


Because of it being a virtual sports week, I will save my superstar learners for next week and hopefully I'll be able to have a few!  Good luck!



Update 15.06.2020

Hello year 2, below is everything that you will need for your home learning this week.  Learn about William Shakespeare and visit Antartica!  It is the last week before we change your English writing and it is week 2 of your D&T, I would like to see some more puppets so please send me your pictures.


Last weeks superstar learners were Harvey S for doing lots of real life learning.  Safiyah-Rose for her excellent cooking and 5 times table and Ashleymay for working hard and doing lots of fabulous work.



New worksheets are below;

Fabulous Superstars!

Fabulous Superstars! 1
Fabulous Superstars! 2
Fabulous Superstars! 3
Fabulous Superstars! 4
Fabulous Superstars! 5
Fabulous Superstars! 6
Fabulous Superstars! 7
Fabulous Superstars! 8
Fabulous Superstars! 9

Update 08.06.2020

Thank you for your amazing work last week.  Our superstar learners were; Harvey S, Lacey H, Evie B and Ashleymay - well done to you guys!  Your work is below so everyone can see how amazing you are.  

The activities and worksheets for this week are below.

As always, if you need any help, please contact me at the bottom of this page.

Mrs E x

My Superstar Learners!

My Superstar Learners! 1
My Superstar Learners! 2
My Superstar Learners! 3
My Superstar Learners! 4
My Superstar Learners! 5
My Superstar Learners! 6
My Superstar Learners! 7
My Superstar Learners! 8
My Superstar Learners! 9
My Superstar Learners! 10
My Superstar Learners! 11
My Superstar Learners! 12
My Superstar Learners! 13
My Superstar Learners! 14

Update 01.06.2020

Hello everyone, I hope you had a lovely half term. 

Below is the document with this weeks activities and the maths sheets that you need for each day.


Missing you 

Mrs Etheridge  X

Update 18.05.2020

Thank you for all of the lovely work.  A special shout out to - Evie B, Ashleymay, Kyan, Harvey S and Lacey H for all of your hard work.  

Lacey H has been learning some life skills and has written and posted her own letter, Harvey S has been helping his dad measure in the garden - keep it up guys!


As always, I will send tasks out through MM, if you have any questions please go to the bottom of this page and message me through the contact me section and I can reply to you.

My Superstars this week!

Update 11.05.2020

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday.  I will send work out daily through MM.  If you have trouble accessing it, I will put the links on here too.  

Please keep sending me your work, I love seeing it.  

Update 04.05.2020

I hope everybody is and you are enjoying your family time. 

This week in maths, we are going back to time to see how much you can remember.  We are using what you know to now apply that to problems.  I'll send activities everyday, see how you get on. 

In English, we are going to be designing and describing our very own planet!  Neil Armstrong visited our moon but imagine if you could visit a planet in our solar system, what would it be like?  Who would live there? Are you the first person to visit?  Is it hot? Cold? The possibilities are endless!1

As usual, I will be sending extra activities too if you want to do them.  


If you need any help, use he contact me form at the end of the page.


All of the activities will be sent via MM, if you cannot access that, I have put the activities in a word document for you below:

Year 2 Superstars this week!

Update 27 . 04 . 2020

This week in maths we will be looking at money.  Check out the MM that you will getting.


English will be all different jobs like handwriting and looking at alliterations.  


Reading will be all about Allan Ahlberg and his book - Funnybones!!


Don't forget that if you have ran out of reading books our Oxford Owl login is:  Mrseyear2   Password - Read (has to be a capital R)


I love to see that you are all loving space and the Neil Armstrong fact finding.  

Keep sending me those pictures!  


* Super workers this week *

- Harvey S for his fab measuring work - and everything else!!

- Charlie for having a go at the MM I send out everyday

- Lacey H for not only doing lots of work but helping her little brother too!

- Kyan for working hard through the class pack I sent out!


Keep it up guys!!


A selection of work I have received this week!

Update 20.04.2020

I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and the Easter Bunny was kind to you!

Here are some updated resources for you.


Writing Work

We follow a Talk for Writing approach at Church Vale, below is a link for a Talk for Writing Home School Booket.  You do not need a printer for most of them.


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize are now bringing out daily lessons to help with home learning.  I have put the link below, there will be new activities everyday.  Some activities can be done online and will not need a printer.


I will be sending out MM with activities for the week, if you cannot access your MM account - here are the daily activities for this week:

Work WB 20.04.2020

Easter Activities 10.04.2020

Easter Activities 10.04.2020 1
Easter Activities 10.04.2020 2
Easter Activities 10.04.2020 3
Easter Activities 10.04.2020 4

Resources for Closure

Don't forget we now have

Oxford Owl                                                                             Purple Mash

Click on class login at the top                                                Each child has their own personal

username – mrseyear2                                                          log in to track their progress - it is stuck in their 

password – Read (the r has to be a capital!)                         reading diary.


Time Table Rockstars

Each child has a login stuck in their reading diary


Hit the Button - App game


Sign up for free activities!


World Book Online have just made their fabulous collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages. Click on the following link to access them.


White Rose Maths Hub have designed a series of 5 lessons.  Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.


Hi Year 2 .  I hope you are having a lovely Easter holiday and are doing lots of exciting things.  I have uploaded some Easter activities for you to do with your families (see above).  Please don;t forget to send any work and pictures in so I can see them. 


Hello year 2, I hope you are all ok and are having fun.  At school, we all miss you loads.  I hope you have been working hard on the resources that are on this website.   

The White Rose resources are daily and will help you with your maths so please check that out. 


If you want to send me any of your work then please email it to the office and it will get passed onto me.  I have already seen some lovely videos and work.


Below are some new updated things you could do...

Scavenger Hunts

There are now loads of free online resources that your children could access including David Walliams releasing an audio story every day for the next 30 days absolutely free, you can access this on his website -  

Below is a document that has a link to some of these resources - including the time and days they are on.  This includes phonics, writing, PE and science.

How about making a time capsule?

Twinkl Password - Lots of activities!

Twinkl Password - Lots of activities! 1

What Year 2 have been up to:

  • Fred (and his brother Harry) have been learning all about bees and have made a bee cafe using a Maddison Moat video on YouTube.  Well done guys!  Could you send in a picture?
  • Lacey H has cracked telling the time (look at the pictures below) and her 3 times table!
  • Patrick has been making posters to put in his window at home.  
  • Lacey H has been learning all about the countries of the United Kingdom.
  • Herbie has created a poem all about school - here it is:
    • Searching on computers

      Class full of people

      Helping other people

      Opportunities to learn

      Opening gateways to be anything

      Learning at school is FUN!

  • Lacey H has also been learning all about fractions

  • Herbie has been learning how to email and has been decorating his front window.

  • Billy has a caterpillar that is now turning into a cocoon - we are excited to see if it a butterfly or a moth - pictures are below!

  • Oliver has watched the BBC Bitesize lessons, made his own comic books about space and going to the moon.  He has also been learning all about place value and telling the time. 

  • Charlie has been learning all about telling the time - see some of his work below!

  • Charlie is now an author - he has written his Little Red Riding Hood Story - see it below.

  • Olivia has been learning to tell the time at home - she has a beautiful flower clock stuck up to help her - see it in the pictures below!

  • Lacey H has been busy again!  Cooking stew and learning all about money!

  • Kyan has been working hard on his spelling and has some lovely instructions on how to look after a plant - see the pictures

  • Lacey H has made a superhero - Coronavirus Man!!

  • Oliver has done some work on flowers (his handwriting is AMAZING!) and created a flag!

  • Evie B has re - told Little Red Riding Hood using Purple Mash

  • AshleyMay has re-told Little Red Riding Hood using Purple Mash too!

  • Evie B has been working hard and has even has a lunch like she was at school.

  • Harvey S has been learning all about space!

  • Lacey H and her brother have been on a bear hunt!

  • Billy has now got a moth - see the picture below!

  • Herbie is a budding author writing his own book.

  • Charlie is working hard everyday and has been sending lots of work in!

  • Lacey H is working hard and is even helping with her younger brother Riley.

  • Harvey S has been learning all about space and has been writing letters and making fact files.


I have received that much that I will now be uploading the pictures under the weekly update!!

Image result for disney quotes

Welcome to Year 2!

Class Teacher: Mrs Etheridge

Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kacperski



P.E. days are Thursday and Friday.  

P.E kits can be brought on a Monday and taken home on a Friday.

Please make sure all PE kit is labelled with your child's name.



Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be handed in the following Friday. The homework task will usually be a times tables related activity and will support the learning that has taken place in class that week.


Children will also receive an optional homework sheet. If one of these activities is completed in the week, pupils will be awarded a Marvellous Me badge. 


We love to read! Please can your child read every night - it can be to you, their siblings, uncle or even the dog!! The more they read the better - plus you can win prizes!



Don't forget we now have

Oxford Owl                                                                  Purple Mash

Click on class login at the top                                                Each child has their own personal

username – mrseyear2                                                          log in to track their progress - it is stuck in their 

password – Read (the r has to be a capital!)                         reading diary.


Time Table Rockstars

Each child has a login stuck in their reading diary



To help with the current situation, Twinkl has mad all of it's resources free.  All you have to do is sign up on and use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS.




Early Bird Reading

Come into school with your children from 8:30 on a Wednesday and read before school.  I will be there too so if you have any questions please ask! 



Book Club winners this term!  Look at the range of authors.  Find out what is trending in Year 2 on our Bookflix wall.  
In year 2 we vote for our favourite book to be read at the end of school each day.  The children can bring in their own books for the voting table.  It is exciting to see what book wins.

Voting for our favourite book

Voting for our favourite book 1

Our Bookflix wall

Our Bookflix wall 1

Spring Term

Spring Term is here already and this term we will be doing two different topics.  The first topic will be 'We are Environmentalists'.  In this topic we will be focusing on deforestation and how it impacts our planet and what we can do to help.  Ask us about David Attenborough and what he does to help our planet and the animals that live on it.




Our Knowledge Organiser

Autumn Term

This term we have had the topic of heroes! 

We have been looking at how people may see Florence Nightingale, Walter Tull, Mary Seacole and Robin Hood as heroes. 

Please look at what we have been doing in our topic work. 

We even had a workshop with worms.  Yuk!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Don't forget to bring something for our maths wall.  Maths is everywhere!

Key Stage 1 Homework Menu Autumn 2019

Got an idea or suggestion for Year 2? Let me know!