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Warsop Vale Bus

Glenn Ryder Coaches will still be doing the Warsop Vale bus run.

There will be 2 pick ups and drop offs each day while the staggered start and finish times are in place.

First pick up from Warsop Vale 8.20am, second pick up 8.40am.  Pick the best time for you to get your child to school on time.  

First pick up from School 3pm, second pick up from School 3.20pm.

Please do not come up to school until it is your allotted time and make sure you are using the correct entrances.  Please remember that if you have more than one child at school they can start at the earliest time and finish at the latest time.

Adults need to wear a face covering please.

Bus prices have been increased by Notts County Council to £1.50 single, £2 return (adults and children).  Please pay the driver with the correct cash each journey as no change can be given.